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 Volunteer Canada has been leading dialogues with representatives from several volunteer centres coast to coast along with a local indigenous elder Carol Taylor. The result is this resource to help readers join our Journey to Truth and Reconciliation.

The Immigration Partnership of Waterloo Region is a collaboration of different organizations within Waterloo Region. They create conditions for immigrants and newcomers to succeed and thrive through creating a welcoming and dynamic community.
Wellbeing Waterloo Region is a network of people looking to improve the general well-being of everyone, in a space where no one is left behind. They work on the principles of Courage, Learning, Equity and Change.
Social Development Centre Waterloo Region is an organization that adresses and aids in the infrastructure of social programs throughout the region. They work in collaboration with the communities they serve to improve the access to different social services for those communities.

The Young Carers Project was started to help inform and educate people and institutions within the region about the existence and needs of young carers. These young carers are youth and the younger genereation who are impacted for needing to care with people with exceptional needs.

Created by Ingrid Brand.


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